5 Myths Keeping You From Home Educating

5 Myths About Home Education

Home education has been on the rise and growing each year. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, it is estimated that more than 3.7 million students in the U.S. are now learning at home. As the movement grows, many of the old myths about home education have been disproven. 

Let's take a look at some of the myths surrounding home education:

Myth #1- My Kids Will Not Get Socialization- Today, more than ever before in the home education movement, there are many opportunities for kids to socialize, build friendships, and connect with others. Students who are home educating have quality time built into their days to engage with others according to their interests. At Colearn Academy, we offer small group classes and clubs that are designed to create opportunities to build friendships with peers. Between our classes and clubs, field trips, community service projects and park day opportunities, our students have a plethora of opportunities to connect with others. 


Myth #2- My Kids Won’t Be Able To Get Into A Good College- These days, universities are well aware of the growing homeschooling population, and have welcomed homeschooled students into their programs. In fact, even Ivy League colleges actively seek out homeschooled students who show mastery in academics, and real world application. Many colleges, such as Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, have a high student body population of former home educated students. At Colearn Academy our Student Services Department meets with secondary students to personalize learning based on their interests and talents allowing them to accomplish even more things that colleges are looking for in applicants. We can also assist with high school records, build out internships and even help students have a “Fresh Start” and meaningful experience all at home on their own schedule/pacing. 


Myth 3- My Kids Will Have To Sit At The Kitchen Table Doing School For 8 hours A Day- Did you know that there are tons of opportunities for learning that have nothing to do with sitting at a table doing worksheets? Home educated students are involved in their communities, with real hands-on learning opportunities. At Colearn Academy, we offer community service projects to give your child an opportunity to engage in helping others in their local community. We also offer field trips to local and virtual field trip at worldwide venues. Home educated students also have the opportunity to participate in classes with local vendors, engage in hands-on learning projects, and explore new talents and interests with our 30+ weekly live clubs and classes. Educating at home with Colearn Academy is anything but boring!


Myth 4- My Child Will Be Behind Grade Level- Actually home educated students have overall scored 72 points higher on the SAT test than peers in traditional schools. In fact, studies have shown that home educated students tend to hold more academic degrees than their traditional schooled peers. Because home educated students have access to a 1:1 teaching ratio, their needs can be addressed without being held back by 30 other students in a class. Also, home educated students don’t have to worry about peer influence, distracting classroom environments, and they have the ability to really dig deep into research about the things they are passionate about and interested in. All these components create an environment in which home educated students can thrive and accelerate their academic growth. At Colearn Academy, our academic support services are vast from supplemental curriculum that can offer extra practice in harder subjects like Math and English Language Arts, to a full Core Curriculum that is self-paced, supervised and supported individually by our Certified Educators. We believe that students thrive as they have opportunities to master concepts before moving ahead but also should not be held to a "one fits all" pacing year after school year.


Myth 5- Parents Aren’t Qualified To Teach Their Children- Parents are actually some of the most qualified teachers for their children. Because they love them and know them better than anyone, parents can help to hone in on a student's interest, and to develop projects based on their child’s learning needs. At Colearn Academy, we match students and parents with a credentialed teacher, to help navigate choosing the right curriculum, finding a learning path, and helping families to navigate the home education journey by providing a ton of individualized support and resources.


If you have been thinking about schooling at home and have be held back by any of these myths or others we'd love to invite you to chat with us! Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our team.



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