We started with a simple question

What do families need most right now?

We heard from families all over the world that in this time of mass distraction, but more importantly unlimited possibility you want and need a personalized and powerful way to customize education and support your busy family.

We have you covered.

Colearn has redesigned the school experience around families for an era of remote and hybrid work.

At Colearn we are bridging the best of unconventional education approaches and great schools to create an entirely new learning experience that prioritizes families.

Colearn Homeschooling Reduces Stress on the entire Family

Reduced stress and time back for the whole family

With Colearn parents have agency in education decisions

Engaged parents have agency in education decisions

With Colearn students have time to focus on their passions and interests

Time and encouragement to focus on passions and interests

Colearn offers radically flexible pacing and curriculum to fit your families needs

Radically flexible pacing
and curriculum

At Colearn the focus is on developing innovative, creative, and future ready skills

Focus on future ready, innovation, creative & citizenship skills

Colearn helps create independent, college-ready learners

Creating independent, college-ready learners

We use the most effective and latest learning technologies to support fully engaged learning.

Search our resource library for free.

We built the Colearn C-Suite to make our method of education even more streamlined.

You will find sanity and confidence with our parent and teacher empowering technology tools.

Manage Complex Routines and Tasks

Navigate Best-In-Class Resources

Help Learners Stay On Track

Colearn technology helps parents and teachers stay organized by managing complex routines and tasks, navigating best-in-class resources, and helping learners stay on track

And we're Just getting started.

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Colearn is reimagining education in partnership with parents and technology.

San Francisco, California