Pursue your future with Magnet Programs.

We heard from teens worldwide that you want a way to complete the work you need to get into an excellent college quicker to have meaningful time to dig into areas that interest you. Because more of the same isn’t the answer.

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Stand out from the crowd

At Colearn, you gain a unique advantage as a college applicant: extensive experience in a field you love.

Get real-world experience

Colearn's educators don't just teach traditional subjects for a diploma; they immerse students in practical and fun topics.

Learn from experts

Each of our programs will feature top-notch mentors. Far from your average high school teacher, they guide a unique learning experience.

Go further with Colearn

Our tailored learning plans give you the keys to excel in your area of interest. Learn from esteemed mentors in fields like entrepreneurship, technology, the arts, and media.



Develop entrepreneurial skills while meeting academic requirements. With curriculum designed by Silicon Valley veterans, we equip students with insights often unavailable even at MBA level.

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Computer Science and Technology

Immerse yourself in the essentials of programming while exploring cutting-edge tech like AI and quantum computing. Our hands-on projects prepare students for a fast-paced, tech-driven world.


Influencer Media and Marketing

Unleash your influence. Our School for Influencer Media empowers students to shape the world through media, marketing, and social media. Drive your own curriculum, learn from industry professionals, and gain real-world experience.


AI and Humanity

This program offers a deep understanding of AI's ethical, legal, and societal impacts, investigating its role across industries. Engage in debates on AI's long-term implications and learn to use this technology responsibly, shaping a future you'd be proud to inhabit.


Art and Design

At our School for Visual Art & Design, creativity takes center stage. Tailor your curriculum, hone your skills, and build a distinctive portfolio. We value real-world experiences, prioritize individual interests, and foster unique strengths for a well-rounded education.


Advanced Math and Data Science

Explore advanced mathematics and data science in an immersive, practical learning environment. Our curriculum spans from data mining to machine learning, equipping students with problem-solving skills for a data-driven future.

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The American Experience

Embark on a journey through the intricacies of the American Experience. We dive into history, politics, and social movements that shaped the US, fostering rich discussions on current issues and preparing you for informed participation in your community.


Wellness and Nutrition

Embark on a journey to elevate your well-being at our School for Wellness. Immerse yourself in comprehensive studies covering fitness, nutrition, and balanced living. Join our supportive student community, where a holistic approach to wellness flourishes.


English Language Immersion

Dive into the intricacies of English language in our immersion program. Students will explore grammar and syntax, dialects, and more. This understanding of English's role in global communication equips students for meaningful conversations worldwide.


Classical Studies

Our School for Classical Studies offers students a rich immersion in the Classical Trivium, fostering well-rounded, thoughtful individuals.

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Finance and Investing

Delve into the world of finance and investing, understanding financial markets, budgeting, taxation, and risk management.


Health Sciences

Explore the science and technology transforming the future of medicine. Students will understand complex biological systems, the latest medical research trends, and the impact of AI, robotics, and virtual reality on healthcare, as well as the ethical and legal considerations involved.

We’ve reimagined school.

In traditional school, every student spends 7 hours learning the same things in the same way. At Colearn, we know that every student learns differently. We support every student to find and develop their “peaks” - the areas where they are most motivated, excited, and skilled. This sets our students apart for college and beyond.

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This could be life-changing.

Talk with us to learn about our Magnet Programs and what they could mean for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Colearn is reimagining education in partnership with parents and technology.

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