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If you are an educational innovator and are looking for new opportunities, Colearn may be a good fit for you.

  • Read what Karen Thompson says about working for Colearn

    Karen Thompson

    Director of Engagement

    “I enjoy working at Colearn because “FAMILY” is it’s core value. You can see it in every offering of Colearn’s culture and as an employee I have the flexibility to work from home with a schedule that is supportive to my own family. It’s an absolute dream come true!”

  • Read what Courtney Cullen has to say about working for Colearn

    Courtney Cullen

    K-5 Content Lead Teacher

    “Working for Colearn has been such an amazing opportunity for not only myself, but also for my family. The team of Education Specialists that I get to work with is so amazing, and caring for and supporting families in their homeschool journey is a passion of all ours!”

  • Read what Stephanie Sansone has to say about working for Colearn

    Stephanie Sansone

    K-5 Content Lead

    “Working at Colearn Academy has been amazing for my family because I get to do what I love and also be a full-time mom to my kids. At Colearn, we put learners and families first and support them in creating their ideal educational scenario.”

  • Read what Emily Patterson says about working for Colearn

    Emily Patterson

    Science Content Lead

    “I imagined a new model of education where parents had a voice and a choice, inspiring educators rallied, and students took charge of their learning. Turns out, it’s already developing at Colearn Academy, and I want to be a part of it!”

  • Read what Deanne Jeffries says about working for Colearn

    Deanne Jeffries

    Director of Administration

    “I love working for a company that is at the forefront of the necessary change in education this country desperately needs. Colearn Academy puts the parents in the drivers seat of their children’s education. Parents are given the ability to work with our Certified Teachers to design an education path that is tailored to each students’ needs, interests, and level.”

  • Read what Rachel Alm says about working for Colearn

    Rachel Alm

    Director of Student Services

    “I truly feel like I have the BEST job at the BEST school. I love working for Colearn because I feel like I am a part of the solution. I get to work with amazing coworkers and families, all doing education a totally different way.”

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At Colearn you will be on the cutting edge of educational innovation and help make the world a better place for students and families.

Colearn offers a supportive and inclusive environment

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