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Product Designer, Home Education

Colearn is reimagining education, learning and school around parent agency and engagement. We aim to build a platform that empowers parents to curate and put into action curriculum and technology applications that serve their learners, independent of or instead of school.


Job Description

We are seeking a Product Designer with a passion for family-centered learning, learning outside of school, reimagining online K12 education, and making complex products simple and easy-to-use. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of each stage of the design process, but will be particularly productive in generating low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups, owning user journeys and the product roadmap.

You will work with our early beta-testing cohorts of families, our CEO and CTO, and any advisors or advisory board to generate clickable prototypes or user journeys for early feedback and iteration.  You will then work with our CTO and other product and engineering team members on the product roadmap, and help work to translate the product roadmap into epics and sprints.  


By partnering with cross-functional teams and customers, you will turn your insights into delightful products in a creative environment that requires proven leadership skills and the ability to execute a creative vision.

More responsibilities in detail:

  • Involved in the entire product development process, from vision to delivery.
  • Gather research, feedback, and ideas from internal and external sources to finalize design requirements.
  • Drive design requirements through low-fidelity, high-fidelity, and clickable prototypes, with an eye towards eliminating user experience errors and delivering a simple, intuitive user interface.  
  • Create designs end-to-end, from initial concept, to engineer-ready deliverables.
  • Analyze how new products, features, or updates meet the needs of the audience, with the ability to drive successful product iteration.
  • Translating concepts and ideas from services that serve a similar audience into solid ideas, proposals, and plans for our product.  
  • Assemble, organize, modify and revise existing designs to get to a shareable product roadmap, with enough time and runway to iron out usability issues prior to production builds.  



  • Capacity to provide interaction and visual design at the contributor level, translating ideas, research and user experience knowledge into low fidelity and onto high-fidelity mockups. Interest in the process of validating mockups with users, and iterating into product roadmap.  
  • Process-oriented, can guide and manage a process of collecting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative feedback and data.  
  • Familiarity with all phases of the design process including user research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, interaction design, and usability testing
  • Excellent attention to detail, leading to product ready visual designs including design style-guides in pursuit of a comprehensive design system.  
  • Natural inclination to communicate and collaborate, can thrive in a remote-first team.  
  • An interesting portfolio of work, particularly in making complex products simple and elegant.  
  • Dynamic communicator, can lead various group communication initiatives with user-base and audience.  
  • Ability to use, choose, migrate to and migrate from various collaborative design tools.  

How We Work

We are a truly distributed - remote anywhere team, spanning Asia/Pacific, Europe, and North America. We champion our belief that life is about more than work and we foster a culture that supports diverse lifestyles. 
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Colearn is reimagining education in partnership with parents and technology.

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