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Homeroom Teacher

Parents or educators with significant homeschooling or related experience often find they spend time giving back to the community and paying it forward to other parents.  They advise other parents on curriculum selection, schedule creation, resource curation (online, community, readings), transcript management, and record keeping. They often coach about learning styles and preferences, how to nurture interests and passions, or how to help learners struggling with particular subjects. They sometimes organize events, field trips, playdates, parkdays.  The ways they give back to the community are invaluable, yet this kind of labor of love often goes unpaid.

What if there was a job where you can and do get paid to do similar work? 


Homeroom Teachers at Colearn help onboard new families, curate and recommend resources, and set up weekly routines and develop learning plans for the year. As part of this onboarding, there may be recommended benchmark assessments or diagnostic tools used to help understand where the learners are academically, how to best support the family moving forward, identify any special needs, or and even to develop special talents and skills.  


  • Meet virtually with families enrolling into Colearn Academy or into our Home Education Support Program.
  • Onboard families to the Colearn processes and frameworks:
    • Identify family strategies and methods for learning.
    • Help parents create a family profile and family plan, along with personalized learning plans for each learner.   
      • Help families identify and clarify learner preferences, interests and passions, and areas of struggle.  
    • Help families select right-fit curriculum, online and local resources.
    •  Help families create a solid weekly routine
  • Observe families making progress with our Homeroom Teacher Toolkit in the Colearn Platform
  • Meet with families at least once monthly, and as needed or requested by parents or learners.  
  • Assure families and learners are building portfolios and keeping records for future use.  


  • Experienced in homeschooling or relevant learning styles outside of school.
  • A go-to person in a homeschooling community. 
  • Have a background in education, or have been sufficiently geeky on education practices.
  • Not afraid of using, or better yet have an interest in digital tools and online programs.  
  • Passionate about working with parents, families, and learners to empower them to make a path that's right for them.  
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