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Executive Director, Indiana


Leadership – The Executive Director provides leadership in curriculum, instruction, and school culture; shares leadership and builds partnerships; uses multiple sources of Colearn Academy Indiana to improve student achievement; and links project-based and portfolio-based learning with rigorous personalized learning.


  • Implementing and informing the Colearn Academy Indiana model, as measured by the Colearn Academy Indiana Charter School Board 
  • Providing leadership to staff in determining objectives and identifying school needs as the basis for developing short- and long-range plans for Colearn Academy Indiana 
  • Instituting school-wide, student-centered project and portfolio-based learning tied to both State and Colearn Academy Indiana Charter School Board standards 
  • Fostering a culture of trust and responsibility among students, teachers, staff, parents and the community 
  • Partnering with significant higher education institutions and businesses to support college courses, internships and community service experiences for students 
  • Installing a technology infrastructure that supports the curriculum, the culture, and Colearn Academy Indiana pedagogy 
  • Advancing educational reform by contributing to Colearn Academy Indiana activities and the Project Library 
  • Overseeing Colearn Academy Indiana-wide implementation of the online learning platform, tools and curriculum 
  • Supervising and evaluating the performance of all assigned personnel in accordance with Colearn Academy Indiana’s adopted uniform guidelines for evaluation and assessment; identifying and encouraging individual teachers with leadership potential and recommending appropriate action in cases of substandard performance 
  • Developing school plans and organizational procedures for the health, safety, discipline and conduct of students as established in state and Colearn Academy Indiana policies 
  • Identifying, providing, assigning, and coordinating professional growth opportunities for teaching personnel within Colearn Academy Indiana 
  • Carrying out a program of community relations as a means of disseminating and garnering community, parent, and organizational support


  • Valid Building Level Administrator License and appropriate endorsements.
  • Minimum of three years successful teaching experience, with at least three years of administrative experience at a building level preferred.
  • Track record of leadership and an ability to implement the Colearn Academy Indiana school model 
  • Philosophical commitment to focused, project-based and portfolio-based learning 
  • Highly organized, with excellent written, verbal and presentation skills 
  • Knowledge of and competencies in Standards Based Education, with a commitment to implementation and continued enhancement 
  • Knowledge of and skills in the components of effective instructional processes 
  • Ability to organize, motivate and lead stakeholders across an organization to drive change, including administrators, teachers, staff, parents, students and community members 
  • Evidence of positive community relation skills as it relates to communicating with a diverse population 
  • Experience in staff supervision and evaluation through a clinical supervision model 
  • Understanding of innovative school reform, online & blended learning practices, elements of 21st century learning environments, and distributive leadership models 
  • Superior influencing skills and the ability to gain the respect of, and build a rapport with, multiple constituencies, both internally and externally 
  • Commitment to, knowledge of, and competencies in Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion of all students 
  • Ability to self-motivate and complete tasks as assigned and required of the position 
  • Ability to institute and mainTAn a systematic policy and process for student discipline and management of the learning environment 
  • Readiness to work as an integral part of Colearn Academy Indiana Team 

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