Homeschooling 101 with Jamie Heston


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There are so many questions when getting started with home learning. Enjoy this recording of our Homeschool 101 event, featuring Homeschool Consultant Jamie Heston. 

Jamie will cover: Why Homeschool, the benefits and any possible myths/challenges with it. Alternative Learning Methods- including highlighting "Real Life Learning." College Prep for homeschooling families.

Meet Featured Speaker- Jamie Heston.... Jamie is an SF Bay Area, 15 year veteran, eclectic, secular homeschooler of two gifted teens (one attends UC Davis and the other will transfer to UC Davis in 2023 - both have a high GPA), homeschool community leader and homeschool consultant, as well as a current volunteer and former Board Member/Secretary/Treasurer for the Homeschool Association of California ( She’s also a moderator for SF Bay Area Homeschool Network (Facebook Group), Bay Area Gifted Homeschoolers (Google Group), and the owner of Bay Area Homeschool Activity Scene (Google Group). 

Jamie is a proponent of self-directed learning and is passionate about helping all parents discover how to move away from school-centric thinking in order to embrace the flexibility homeschooling offers. She hosts regular free Homeschool 101 seminars and is available for individual consulting with families and speaker events. 

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