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Interested in learning more about the Classical Model of Homeschooling? In this live parent workshop our guest speaker, Kristy Rodriguez shares about the history of the Classical model, what it looks like day to day and how it can support teaching children of all ages at the same time! There will be time for questions and answers at the end.

More about our featured speaker: Kristy Rodriguez has been a classical home educator since 2010 when she began searching for teaching methods for her two very busy and boisterous boys (ages 3 and 5). Along the way, she
added another child the mix in 2012, her daughter. During the early years of searching for a teaching method, it was her husband, Van, that encouraged her to find something that gave her a mission and direction while still allowing the boys to be active and inquisitive. A friend posted on social media a book she started reading: The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. The quotes about keeping and nurturing our children’s natural inquisitiveness sparked a nerve. So began her study of the classical model… from various authors and perspectives. Throughout her educational journey, she has discovered one child is dyslexic, another has a photographic memory, and another can out-argue any reasoning. The classical model works beautiful with typical or neurodiverse students.

Her children are now 17, 15, and 10. The rich conversations afforded by a classical education make the high school years exciting and encouraging. Kristy has always loved words and language, so much so that she received her B.A. in English (with a concentration in Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing) in 2001. Parents do not need an English degree to be a classical educator. Kristy has found that she can dig further into “why” the English grammar rules work the way they do and also discovered that math is not so scary. She has met parents who love math and science but loathe writing, yet they are thrilled that learning to write from a classical model is exciting and empowering.

Today, Kristy loves to share how the classical model has given her family the freedom to lean into the classical tools of learning, which meet children right where they are. She loves empowering parent to unearth the time-tested tool of classical education. With these tools, parents can teach their children the skills to learn in a gentle, natural way. By focusing on skills, parents can cater the subject matter to build the skills rather than following subjects that will hopefully build a skill. While this model is not new, its popularity has been resurging since the late 1990s, mainly in private schools and homeschool communities.

September 21, 2022 | 10:00 AM PST


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