Club Spotlight: ART CLUB w/ Ms. Ybarra

Carina Ybarra | September 12, 2022



Lenna ArtLenna Robinson, an 8th grade student in Colearn Academy's Art Club shared about her experience in this week's club.

"It's a lot of fun! I never thought before of using object's shadows in my artwork."

In this week's class Lenna created three separate sketches, but the one featured above, was her favorite and said that the inspiration came easiest to her. 

Taking inspiration from self-titled “Shadowologist” and artist Vincent Val, our art club student’s mission was to find an every day object from their environment to use for a shadow drawing. The challenge was to incorporate the shadow into a line drawing creating an original character or scene. Ms. Ybarra says, “The fun is in finding the potential in an everyday item, like turning the shadow of a candle stick into a snowman."

Ms. Ybarra, believes in the importance of nurturing the child’s playful mind and spirit through art project like this. Ms. Ybarra, in alignment with Colearn’s educational philosophy, believes in nurturing the innate creativity that is often under valued in traditional education model. At Colearn we believe that creative thinking is one of the most valuable future ready skills a learner can possess.

About the teacher: Mr. Carina Ybarra holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College, and a California teaching credential in art from Dominican University. As an undergraduate, Carina studied art in East Africa. After graduating, she worked in the Department of Education at the SFMOMA. She then joined the Peace Corps, living in a remote West African village, without electricity or running water. There she taught English and AIDS education to francophone students and worked in community development, creating a nationally recognized girls’ club.After her Peace Corps service, Carina spent a year traveling solo around the world, through Africa, Europe, southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. She has worked as head art teacher at Marin School of the Arts and at Palo Alto High School, among other schools.In her spare time, Carina enjoys working in her home studio on her Encaustic Painting. Carina shows her own professional artwork in the teaching artists’ exhibit "Inspire" with YIA annually.Carina was recently selected as one among the first few teachers in the nation to pilot the College Board’s AP with WE Service program. This program was designed to help teachers integrate service-learning opportunities into their AP curricula.

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