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Designed for those who want to go beyond school

School Choice Enthusiasts
Accelerated Studies
Passion-Driven Education
Credit Recovery
Classical Studies
Career Pathways
Dual Credit
Accelerated Learning
Homeschool Coops

An education tailored to you and your family. 

We offer a complete replacement for school and a comprehensive option for education with a variety of Journey's to choose from -- all with a focus on customization, personal growth, and a healthy learning community. Our Academies are supported by the world's best teachers and are fully accredited. 

Want a public school option?
Join our Arizona Charter School or keep an eye out for our upcoming charters opening in multiple states. 
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Join our global virtual school offering regardless of where you live

Colearn was Designed for Your Family

Remote Workers

Colearn was designed for faith based families

Faith Based

Colearn was designed for Big Families

Big Families

Colearn was designed for out-of-the-box thinkers

Out of the Box Thinkers

Colearn was designed for homeschooling families

Homeschooling Families

Colearn was Designed for Bold Learners

Colearn was designed for Entrepreneurs


Colearn was designed for Actors


Colearn was designed for Influencers


Colearn was designed for Scientists


Colearn was designed for Artists


Our academies and programs use colearning, a system of education that adapts your education to you.

We realign the valuable parts and processes of school, so instead of "the one way of doing things" you have choices and the support of expert teachers and educators to build an education to suit your family. Curriculum and resources, teachers and staff, timelines, and more. We give you the programs, platform, and support to bypass the old ways of doing things while still ending up with a recognized and accredited education outcome. 

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Colearn works for discerning parents

As parents ourselves with extensive experience in education, homeschooling and schools, academic advising, and counseling, we’re proud to offer an all-in-one support solution that has been incredibly helpful to families.

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Colearn is reimagining education in partnership with parents and technology.

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